The most advanced electrofisher for CATFISH  ONLY ever 

* Catches Catfish from distance up to 100-150 meters / depth 30-50 meters

*The only


that catches in winter from

deep holes

* You may catch from 100 kg to

2000 kg per day / depends

on river richness

* 7Ah 2,5 kg  battery may work all day 

* Lifetime warranty -even if a break is your fault :-) We'll repair it.

* 100% satisfaction or money back/paypal secured 100% safety

*Only for professional fishermen worldwide, scientists and sports club, no poachers !!!

* Do not kill BIG FISH POLICY - move them to another water basin to live or for anglers / Unless they are pest and in abundance and endanger other species 

*Price is negotiable /Many options to set a price - call or write email please  tel. +48 790-797 940

Samus Special Electronics tel +48 790 797 940

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We are introducing now- after 3 years of research- the newest catfish electrofisher. This is most advanced device built ever. It was tested in Russia , Ukraine , Poland and in Amazonian river basin by our Polish customer who visited Amazon river . On Big Rivers- Amazon/Brazil , Volga /Russia , Dniepr, Dniestr /Ukraine, Vistula and Odra/Poland. I personally caught 2,30 meter /70 kg catfish from distance of 80 meters with only 3 watts of power while testing. It was unbelivable . It jumped out of the boat  at first after landing. On another river we caught one day 500 kg of catfish from 70 cm to 2 meters and another portion on water we have seen -they come up everywhere all around from smallest to biggest - we have seen estimated 500 kg we did not take as small -under 70 cm - were left in water. They come up small and big ones - almost all from around radius 100 meters depending on power applied and conditions - depth 10-15 meters- but on Volga from 20-30 meters. They need more time. On Chernobyl (Nuclear Power Plant close  area) / Dniepr-local fishermen - caught a few tones while testing  in one week in May 2018.  In Amazonia -Jose- fisherman from Brazil -caught also about 10 tones and kept them in the wet land until the truck had come to take it to the market in Manaus/ Amazonia. See video on right and photos below from Amazonia.

The most advanced electrofishing catfisher ever built ! tel +48 790 797 940