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The only 100% effective solutions in the whole world  for Lyme / Boreliosis disease information and support site ! We educate about Lyme and new solutions and discoveries for patients

We provide support and information site about new innovation solutions for treatment of Lyme disease and how to heal it naturally without side effects and cheap.  If you are interested in more info about latest technology solutions in treatment please contact us immediately or call or write email in the form below.

This site is education site and information site. We do not sell any products. It is non profit organisation to help patients worldwide. To recover fast and for good. 

News -2019.04.12 -Alfa Nectar- latest innovation discovery fights Lyme 100% and no recurrence until the tick bites again ;-)

Latest discovery and  remedy or viruses, bacterias and fungi. Produced in Poland . Alfa nectar- originated in Russia and Kazachstan . It is natural mixture of detoxification ingredients and power or aronia and black currant with power of enzymes form honey  plus detoxification properties of iodien and selenium - also added vitamin B adn amber acid ( Succinic acid) which tunes celsl on mitochondrial level and detoxifies cells on mitochondrial leve- tests in patients proved in clinical trials efefctiveness on most viruses , bacterias, fungis- it killed all pathogens  100% and tetsed showed that no pathogen is presnet after laboratory tests  in most patients. It killed not only Lyme / Borelioss but also AIDS , liver viruses and all parasites were removed. It was enough only 1,5 month ( 50 days) to kill and remove all active forms o bacterias of Lyme and otehr coinfections. It was surprise for scientists but it proved in several trials in Moscow , Kazachstan ,  Poland and other patients worldwide. 

Meetting with producer o Alfa Nectar in Russia - russian language required /translation

Conversation of inventor with patients in Russia- questions and answers 

info@killthelyme.com  tel. +48 792 06 06 46